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learn? >> yeah, kelly, interesting conversation i had with sylvia burwell who spent time in the clinton treasury, the clinton white house, went to the bill and melinda gates foundation, and then came right back here. this is her first budget. we began by talking about the major policy thrust inside this budget. >> what we believe is in order to get the economy growing at the maximum that we can, we need to put in place certain policies. whether that's doing things like focusing on the long-term unemployed, which are efforts that can help with our growth rates in the year, or doing things like immigration which we all know will contribute to economic growth, or doing things like corporate tax reform which we believe by broadening the base and lowering the rates you can help focus on economic growth. >> it didn't seem like it took very long until republicans started tweeting out that this is dead on arrival. i know you worked on this for a long time. does it feel like this thing is dead on arrival. you do all this work and it's like handing in a paper and your professor says you failed al
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1